Photorealism . . . with a minimalist twist

While travelling through Liverpool Street Station on a sunny day in 2004

I noticed a girl sitting on a seat in the concourse reading a book.
I sat down on the floor against a pillar and photographed her, amazed

that no one else noticed how wonderful she looked.

For her, the Station no longer existed. She was immersed in her book and

was oblivious to everything around her. She had, unwittingly, removed

herself from this place, transporting herself elsewhere. I was captivated by

how special people can be when removed from the crowd and how

wonderful it is to observe them, alone, in this state.

This idea developed in my mind over the coming months and emerged as
paintings incorporating photorealistic people, who have been removed from
busy Urban scenes and placed into minimalistic spaces and landscapes.

The above painting 'A Quiet Moment' was the first in this style.